South Tyneside Street Angels

The voluntary group started in 2012. With support from Northumbria Police and South Tyneside Council, the team patrol the Night Time Economy of South Shields on Saturday nights. Our role is to help, assist and look out for the well – beings of all members of the public. We chat, we listen and we care for all who may be out that night.

If you would like to volunteer with Street Angels and you are over 18 years of age, please contact Judith at for more information – all welcome.

Judith Oldroyd, tel. 07776030706 or email on [email protected]

South Tyneside Co - Ordinator

Stephen Slade

Volunteer as a Street Angel

Who can become a Street Angel?
Any member of the community who is over 18 years of age and has a clean Advance CRB check

Do I need to be a Christian?
No. But the group does include members of the Christian Faith.

What is the level of commitment?
Team members are asked to commit to at least one shift per month. The shifts are from 10:00pm – 12:30am

What level of fitness do I need?
Reasonable fitness, the shift can involve a lot of walking, standing and maybe knelling down

What skills do I need?
A good listener, caring heart and non – judgemental. Each member will bring their own life skills to each group. During the night you will meet a range of people, young / old, homeless, local police and door staff. 

What training will I get?
All volunteers receive training in First Aid, Conflict Management and Drug Awareness. The First Aid has been specially designed to meet the needs of Street Angels and take place over one full day. The other training is done during the evening and the 3 sessions take 2.5 to 3 hours each. Refresher courses are held either every six months or annually. 

What clothing should I wear / bring?
Warm waterproof clothing and flat comfortable foot wear. In the winter thermals might be a good idea as you will be standing around in the cold a long time. Bring a mobile phone. All Street Angels wear a High Viz jacket while out.

A Typical Night

Getting Ready
Meeting just before 10pm at Camera Control, the first thing – get the kettle on and catch up on a few things. Then we get the backpack prepared, flip flops, space blankets, water and chocolate, making sure first aid kit is stocked up. We have a debrief before going out – any concerns from police / council. About 10:30pm – get ready to go, make sure wrapped up. The group leader signs in via pub – watch radio and we head down to Town Centre.

Glass Bottles / Glasses
Picking up glass bottles / glasses and depositing into bins – these could be used as a potential weapons during fights, removing them from the streets helps to keep the area safer.

Flip Flops
Ladies – those high heels can start to hurt after a while when on a night out, true? Quite often we see ladies walking around in bare foot along the street. Unfortunately there is a lot of items on the streets which they can step on including small bits of broken glass. We can provide Flip Flops to keep you feet safe, plus they are free.

Basic First Aid
We carry a basic aid kit while out and all members are trained in basic first aid skills. We can deal with cuts and sprains. For more serious injuries we can deal with basic treatment and call for emergency services. We can also deal with other medical emergencies and wait with them until the emergency services arrive.

Bottles of Water / Intoxication
We can provide bottles of water for people who are slightly intoxicated. For those who are slightly more intoxicated we can wait with them to assess their situation / health, maybe require emergency services if necessary.

Space Blankets
The temperatures during the night for most of the year can be cold. Alcohol can affect the body temperature by reducing it. During cold nights this could lead to Hypothermia, which if not treated can become worse. We can provide space blankets – which are a reflective material (as used by runners) which reflect body heat back.

Vulnerable People
Sometimes people can become separated from friends on a night out, we can assist by staying with them until they either find their friends or in a taxi queue to get them home safely. We also chat with homeless people, check if they need any assistance or help.

We also chat with homeless people, check if they need any assistance or help. We can give them water, space blanket and chocolate. If they require any specific needs we can pass the information on to South Tyneside Council and other agencies for advice.

General Chat / Information
As we walk around we chat to so many different people – door staff, police, taxi drivers, business people and general public. We get asked a lot of questions, which we try to answer and we are asked for information.

Street Angels have received Child sexual exploitation (CSE) Awarness Training

More information and news about Street Angels can be found on our social media sites